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Our Story

VNG Dubbing is a prominent player in the video service industry with
over three decades of experience, having been established 32 years ago. The
company has built a reputation as experts in various domains within the
industry, including video, audio, and film archiving.


One of the key strengths of VNG Dubbing lies in its proficiency in
preserving and digitizing video, audio, and film content, making them a trusted
partner for archival purposes. This expertise is particularly valuable in an era
where digitization and preservation of media assets are of paramount

In addition to their archiving services, VNG Dubbing has previously
been a significant player in the duplication of formats, indicating a versatility in
their offerings to cater to various client needs.
Moreover, the company has diversified its portfolio by venturing into
livestreaming sports and events.


This expansion into livestreaming underscores
VNG Dubbing's commitment to adapting to changing industry trends
and meeting the evolving demands of their clientele.
Overall, VNG Dubbing extensive experience, expertise in archival
services, previous involvement in format duplication, and foray into
livestreaming sports and events position them as a well-rounded player in the
video service industry.

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